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After accidentally overdosing on a powerful stimulant, Dr. McCoy becomes unbalanced and disappears through the Guardian of Forever, a newly discovered time portal on a remote planet. Kirk and Spock follow after learning that McCoy somehow changed history. Arriving near start of the 21st Century, the duo meet Edith Keeler, a New York social worker who runs a local homeless shelter and gives them a place to stay. As the days pass, and McCoy is nowhere to be seen, Kirk finds himself falling in love with Keeler… but Spock discovers that Keeler must die to restore the timeline.

Starring: Lucy Liu as Edith Keeler

I've just seen your derek and stiles art and I'm amazed, I can't believe how good you are. I don't know if you take requests but I'll try. Ian and Mickey from shameless US, gallavich. I think they suit your stile. Season 4.

ahhhhh a;lkfdjdlfkjomg thank you so so much?!!! i’m amazed by your sweet message anon weh TAT sorry i don’t take requests but i’m into ian and mickey so who knows maybe i’ll draw them sometime (unlikely though i’m swamped with things that i committed to draw already;;;;).

and this might be a good time to talk about requests in general so: i don’t take requests unless i’m asking for prompts or doing some kind of memes, but i don’t mind people sending me suggestions and stuff as long as they’re not rude about it and don’t expect me to actually fill it! :3


sorry about the silence here lately, i’ve been really busy w/ family/personal and work art stuff, so haven’t had time to do my own thing!! aaand now i need to shut off my laptop b/c big nasty storm rolling through, why this.

anyways, have a very quick lydia i did as a warm up! i’m really excited for s4. :D


Title: Bloody Shirt
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
Music: "Bloody Shirt (BASTILLE Remix)" by To Kill A King
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Blood/gore
Summary: Cecil wasn’t the first Night Vale radio host, after all.
Notes: Thanks to Alex/maladyofthequotidian for encouraging me from the very beginning to make this and scribe for being the one to actually get me to finish it.



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star trek characters + hometowns


To people who followed me for one specific fandom, I am so so sorry